Satellite Training


Satellite Training

One of the hardest things to do—is also one of the least understood to many people! Few viewers know that when they see a person on their TV or Mobile screen talking to a reporter about a product, service, movie or news event—that person is often in another city.

Modern technology has allowed people to show up in 20-plus cities on the same day…called a “Satellite Media Tour.” Actually, the people are not rushing around by private jet to multiple locations! Instead, they’re in a studio somewhere—responding to reporters’ questions over and over, and to multiple audiences, while their image is beamed across the country. In this way, you CAN be in several places almost at once!

Satellite Training is a vital part of any TV appearance. However, it’s extremely difficult to deliver the SAME message, REPEATEDLY, to different anchors or reporters in one day—especially when you’re staring at a camera lens the whole time. And it’s really hard to maintain your energy and enthusiasm. But it’s entirely doable and can even be enjoyable —with the RIGHT training.

Laskin Media understands the requirements of today’s broadcast media and knows how to coach people to perform at their peak.

Our interactive Satellite Training program simulates the satellite experience and helps clients adjust to the demands of the medium.