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    How do you work?

    We work in individual or small group sessions. One expert trainer conducts the workshop—unless there is the need for two. All workshops are the result of prior discussions between the client and his/her representative; they are comprised of theory and on-camera training, to produce measurable results.

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    Where do you train?

    We are based in Manhattan and train either in our offices, our Midtown facility, or clients’ offices. We have worked in many parts of the United States and overseas, and bring our trainers, customized booklets and programs, with us.

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    How long are the workshops?

    A typical workshop is either a half-day or full-day session—four or eight hours. Extremely busy executives and others sometimes spend less time with us—but we discourage that, if possible. It takes time to “let the process” work and besides, our training sessions are fun, engaging, enlightening and memorable.

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    How can progress be made in just four hours?

    You’d be surprised! With the RIGHT training and coach, participants make amazing progress. For many, it is the first time they are really thinking about what it takes to communicate effectively. Our programs are thought provoking and inspiring. Clients are trained in a comfortable atmosphere, which encourages participation and experimentation.

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    Do you offer refresher courses?

    Yes—clients sometimes book one workshop with us, and months later, book another, in order to refresh themselves. We also offer Communication Programs, which are a series of workshops that provide training in many areas of public communication—media training, presentation training, satellite training, interview skills training and more. Lastly, the benefits of videotaping and critiquing are jaw-dropping: individuals see themselves as others see them, and this prompts both self-discovery and the desire to change habits.

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    How much does a Program or Workshop cost?

    Prices vary according to group size and location. We are competitively priced and believe our value added is immeasurable. Our programs have changed peoples’ lives. For speech writing services, and return clientele, we offer discounts. Please call us for a free Price Quote.

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    Who can benefit from our training programs?

    Everyone! We have trained CEO’s and chefs, actors and authors, production workers and politicians, dog trainers and dancers. Anyone who wants to communicate powerfully and reach their peak—can benefit from Laskin Media.

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    What is the Difference between a Laskin Media Training and a Dale Carnegie Course, or Toastmasters?

    Both those options are perfectly acceptable, but our trainings are uniquely personal. They are customized workshops tailored to provide special training that far exceed clients’ expectations. We not only get to know the people we work with, we take the time to understand their needs and goals. Our private sessions are both stimulating and nurturing. We remove the fear factor that so often accompanies public speaking. And as one of our clients put it, “Our results are off the charts!”