Laskin Media was founded on the belief that “most great communicators are not born—they’re made.” With proven techniques and the proper training, nearly anybody can overcome his or her fear of public speaking and learn how to communicate with power and persuasion. It’s all a matter of training—the RIGHT training.

Barbara Laskin founder and President of Laskin Media, is an award-winning former TV anchor and reporter. She worked in the ultra-competitive New York market, as well as her home turf of Toronto, Canada. Ms. Laskin interviewed many of the most important newsmakers of the day, starred in four prime-time news specials, and won an Emmy Award for producing, writing and starring in the best Issues-oriented documentary of the year. It was during her long and distinguished career that she noticed something obvious: some interview subjects were far better at articulating their ideas than others; and those who communicated best got the most air time. When she founded Laskin Media, she knew exactly what she wanted the company to do and how to do it.

Laskin Media’s training programs are based on the Award-winning techniques of its founder (see complete bio). The formula has successfully trained thousands of people since 1992 and continues to draw a wide variety of clients from all types of businesses and industries. Whether you’re giving a speech, conducting a TV interview, appearing on a talk show, promoting a book, receiving a major award, or speaking to Wall Street analysts—whatever your public appearance involves—you need to know how to present yourself properly and leave a positive impression. Public communication has never been more important than it is today. We are proud to say that clients trained at Laskin Media step into the spotlight and onto the podium prepared, practiced and powerful.

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