Barbara quickly and eloquently gives you the right tools to shine. She has an eye for your strengths and will elevate the level of your presentation within minutes!

Lauren LoGiudice - Writer and Performer, Creator of Garbo Dreams

Wow - Barbara Laskin is incredible! With direct clarity she pointed out exactly where I needed to improve and explained the reasoning each time. Now, I don't just have improved presence during interviews, I also have a set of tools that I can use over and over again. Such a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and knowledgeable expert. Looking forward to the next time I learn from her expertise!

Dr. Marcie Beigel - Behavior Specailist and Founder of Behavior + Beyond

Barbara Laskin's results are off the charts! One of the clients I sent her is Japanese. Doing interviews or making speeches in English is a real challenge for him, even though he is brilliant and has been given a highly visible position in a global organization where he has no choice but to fulfill those kinds of public obligations. In one day of media training Barbara transformed him as a spokesperson. He thanked me profusely and called her training "magical." Happy client, happy life! Thank you Barbara!

Judy Katz - Founder and CEO of Katz Creative, Inc. and www.ghostbooksters.com

Barbara provided media training for two of our recent non-scripted series, Preachers' Daughters and Bring It!. Both series dealt with sensitive issues that could be hot button topics with press and Barbara's training was immensely helpful for both casts. For Preachers' Daughters, Barbara had the challenge of training a large group of about 10 and everyone walked away with confidence and tips that helped them navigate upcoming press interviews. For Bring It, Barbara had a one-on-one training with our star that touched on a very personal matter from her past, which was handled professionally with insight and encouragement. Barbara's training is in-depth and well researched and we are thrilled to have her as a partner when media training new talent.

Kannie Yu LaPack - Vice President, Publicity Lifetime Television

Laskin Media dropped everything and came to us during a significant Public Relations crisis. They helped us get our feet back on the ground. Without their excellent assistance, we could have had a great deal more difficulty.

Chuck Curcio - CEO, Tire Kingdom

Thank you Barbara. Your work with us during our daylong session was immediately valuable and constructive. We appreciate the energy you brought to us. The ease with which we are able to further review the video with your written evaluations was superb. We have seen improvement in the way we speak about our work, and more importantly, in the way we are received by our audience and clients

Suann Ingle & Nancy Geenen - Partners, Susan Ingles Associates, LLC

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Barbara and Laskin Media on a number of speech-writing projects and training sessions and I can say that working with her made the difference between an ordinary presentation and an extraordinary one.

Caroline Hirsch - Founder, & Owner, Caroline's on Broadway

Barbara was terrific at preparing us for media interviews. She was encouraging, engaging and challenging, connecting with each of us and preparing us to become much more professional presenters. I recommend her highly.

Patrick Sweeney - Senior VP, Caliper Corporation

Barbara Laskin is the consummate media trainer. She is extremely well prepared and has an insider's take on her subject. Barbara is skilled at asking both the tough and the thought-provoking questions. I've watched her turn an anxious, camera-shy client into a confident and effective spokesperson.

Fern Flamberg - Senior Public Relations Executive