Powerful Results Come From Powerful Programs.

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The training programs we offer at Laskin Media are designed with only one goal in mind…

To make you the most effective and competent communicator you can possibly be, in the shortest period of time, in accord with the demands of your career.

When we get to work on achieving that goal for you, we are relentless.

We don’t allow our clients to fail – because there’s no reason for it.

Success in communication comes from PREPARATION…and a BIG part of being prepared for “the big moment” is to have the RIGHT TRAINING.

So training is first and foremost. Everything else (hair, wardrobe, make-up, sound and lighting)…won’t get you through the Jaws when the Beast has to be Fed.

No. You need specific training – the way professional ballplayers train for their specific position on the field.

You must be prepared for – and trained in – whatever the Beast might throw at you.

That’s why at Laskin Media we offer SIX different training programs to choose from, depending upon which one fills your most urgent needs…

The first – is ExecuSpeech. This is for high-level executives ONLY – who have very mission-critical messages to get across to the public, as part of their normal routine. (Think British Petroleum, Pfizer or Exxon.) Our outside expertise gets you out of the echo chamber and provides candid, incisive guidance that helps you intensify your edge and deliver a persuasive performance.

Our second program offered is Media Training – so you can be fully ready at a moment’s notice to deal with reporters: to know what they need and want and also what to withhold. We are experts in media training because we’ve been through the fire ourselves. We don’t need a textbook to tell us what to do! We know what it takes to be cool under pressure. Our role-playing and on-camera sessions mirror real-life situations! There is NOTHING like it.

The third program we offer is Presentation Training – so that you can get up in front of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people and not blow it. Audiences expect you to be prepared. They want you to give them what they want. This program shows you how to do just that – along with mastering the art of effective body language and vocal rhythm so you can deliver any speech with clarity and conviction.

Our fourth program is Satellite Training – because you could be in a remote studio in one place and do live interviews with news anchors all around the world, around the clock! You will learn how to deal with this sometimes-tricky situation, and even how to enjoy it!

Next offered is Crisis Response Training – where, when a major crisis suddenly hits, you will know in advance how to put out the fires…how to do damage control…how to push back…and how to weather the storm with lives and reputations at stake…all with finesse and aplomb.

Our final program is Interview Skills Training – how to put your best foot forward during an Interview. In today’s tough job market, snagging an Interview means nothing unless you hit a home run on the hot seat. Whether you’re just entering the job market or re-entering after a lay off, or cool spell, the trainers at Laskin Media will build your confidence and skill set and help you shine under pressure.

That’s the kind of training you get from us at Laskin Media.