Presentation Training


Presentation training

Delivering a speech has always been one of life’s scarier moments. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Presentation Training Workshops, along with speech writing services, are designed to alleviate the fear of public speaking and teach participants how to deliver a dynamic and engaging presentation.

By using TV-inspired methods and top-notch trainers, this customized program achieves impressive results.

Under Barbara Laskin’s direction, our trainers have the skill and public speaking experience to help clients perform at their peak. The ability to deliver a great speech creates a unique opportunity for people to raise their public profile and lead by example.

Great speechmaking requires great words—and one of Laskin Media’s core strengths is speech writingclick here to learn more about speech writing. We know intuitively what works and what doesn’t. Whatever the occasion—whether it is a keynote address, a brief introduction, an impromptu anecdote, prepared comments via videoconferencing or an Academy Award acceptance speech, nothing says more about a person than an impressive speech.

Attendees of our Presentation Training Workshops learn to connect with a crowd, speak with authenticity and meaning, use effective body language and vocal rhythm and deliver their speech with clarity and conviction.

When hundreds, and even thousands of eyes are staring at you, nothing can pull you through like preparation and the RIGHT training. Laskin Media helps its clients perform under pressure and step into the spotlight more powerful and self-assured than ever before.