Interview Skills Training


Presentation training

There are few more important, yet nerve-wracking, experiences in life than interviewing for a new job. You have downloaded your CV, interviewed over the phone, provided writing samples, and now — this is it! You are booked for your first, second, or last round of on-site interviews!

Laskin Media uses all the techniques and technology in its arsenal to prepare you for this vital appearance. You must NEVER go in unprepared. Like anything else in life—you NEED to know what to say and what to expect BEFORE the experience happens.

In this dynamic, customized workshop, you will learn how to describe your work history effectively, without over-talking. You will practice how to condense your most apt experiences so that their relevance is easily translatable and your delivery is concise and vibrant. The key to a successful interview is being as “natural” and “prepared” as possible. Thoroughly investigating the company you’re interested in, its officers, recent news events and past history is critical. You have to think like a reporter! We prepare you as nobody else can. In simple, precise language you will illustrate how you will help the company and why you will become an asset to its growth.

Laskin Media’s Interview Skills Training will prepare you for the big day and allow you to go into the Interview feeling confident and ready to take on the world!