By Wayne Drehs, ESPN.com
February 13, 2008

A little more than a month after she told New York newspapers that Roger Clemens gave a masterful performance in his “60 Minutes” interview, Barbara Laskin, president of Laskin Media, an award-winning New York-based communication training company, was surprised by his inconsistent performance Wednesday.

While Laskin thought the former Yankees pitcher’s opening statement was “extremely strong,” she said he later “crumbled” when discussing his wife Debbie’s use of human growth hormone and Andy Pettitte’s deposition.

“His demeanor changed,” Laskin said of Clemens. “He looked weaker and smaller. There was a disconnect there and he looked in trouble. But does that mean Roger’s not telling the truth? It may not be. Maybe it’s because Brian McNamee has nothing else to lose while Roger has everything to lose.”

Greg Hartley, a former Army interrogator and author of, “How to Spot a Liar,” concurred that Clemens struggled.

“When Rep. Cummings talked to him, he licked his lips 22 times,” Hartley said. “That’s a huge indicator that his stress levels are high. That’s holding back emotion, that’s, “How dare you ask me that.’”

Hartley added that McNamee came across as more sincere.

“When I watched them,” he said, “McNamee came across as a little sleezy, but so what? He’s injecting people with steroids. Of course he’s going to be a bit sleezy.”

Laskin agreed that McNamee gave a better performance, but that it doesn’t necessarily mean she believes him more.

“There were times where Roger was uncomfortable and lost that Roger Clemens roll of credibility. But some of his emotional outbursts were very powerful. I think he may have won some converts. But I’m not so sure there isn’t a little bit of gray with both of them.

“This is not the lottery. There’s no winning ticket. They’re both losers in some way.”

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