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Next-wave job counselors are eager for the coming layoffs. By Sarah Bernard Featured on: Grant Shannon, the founder of the Merrill Adams employment firm, makes his living by helping people find jobs, but he prefers to view his behind-the-scenes role metaphorically: “Do you know who Al D’Amato’s campaign manager is? No. Do you care? […]

By Barbara Laskin, President, Laskin Media Featured on On May 3, 2012, the worst thing that could ever happen to the New York Yankees, happened. Even if you don’t like baseball, or you hate the Yankees, you will acknowledge the revered place both hold in our collective consciousness. Steroids aside, baseball is still America’s […]

By Barbara Laskin, President, Laskin Media Source: The truth is…hecklers are like hackers. They’re shameless and their goal is to disrupt, steal stuff (in this case, the limelight) and cause damage. And everybody hates them. From a media training standpoint, Anthony Weiner’s sex saga is instructive on many levels. Leaving out his “personal failings,” […]

By GREG WILSON, NBC NEW YORK November 30, 2009 Tiger Woods sells razors, eye surgery, Gatorade and cellular service as easily as he pitches golf balls onto the green, but if his squeaky-clean image takes a hit, so could his lucrative stream of endorsement deals. Since turning pro in 1996, the world’s top golfer has […]

By GREG WILSON, NBC NEW YORK December 2, 2009 Tiger Woods’ sponsors are standing by him so far, but if his unraveling scandal costs him even a small fraction of his endorsements, he could take an eye-popping hit. Woods’ carefully cultivated image and status as the world’s best golfer have brought in more than $750 […]

By Corky Siemaszko, DAILY NEWS February 17, 2009 A-Rod is a chokeup artist. That was verdict Tuesday from body language experts and top image consultants who watched Alex Rodriguez try to separate himself from a steroids scandal that has knocked him off his pedestal. The harshest criticism came from Joseph Tecce, a psychology professor and […]

By Sarah Armaghan, Michael E. Miller and Corky Siemaszko, DAILY NEWS February 10, 2009 A-Rod, your name is mud – for now. A day after Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez made the stunning admission that he used steroids, top image consultants said his reputation is not beyond repair. “His trust factor is zero right now,” Florida-based […]

By Wayne Drehs, February 13, 2008 A little more than a month after she told New York newspapers that Roger Clemens gave a masterful performance in his “60 Minutes” interview, Barbara Laskin, president of Laskin Media, an award-winning New York-based communication training company, was surprised by his inconsistent performance Wednesday. While Laskin thought the […]

I no longer get nighttime cravings! First for Women Magazine November 12, 2007 Barbara Laskin dunked her spoon into a bowl of cereal. I can’t believe I’m eating at 2 A.M. again, she thought. But she just couldn’t get a handle on her cravings. Then Barbara saw actress Kelly LeBrock discussing the weight loss she […]

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